Swing Gate DRTD6656

As a leader in the access control field, Door always provides high-quality swing gate to clients.

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    Main features:
    1. Using high quality brushed stainless steel process, whole body use the anti-fingerprint process
    2. Only use the single core, greatly reduced costs.
    3. People and vehicle in seperate passway, which ensure the security of pedestrian.
    4.Mutiple working modes.Users can according to their needs,through the built-in LCD debug screen, set working mode,easy to operate
    5.Triple anti-claming feature. infrared anti-claming+mechanical anti-clamingh+current detection anti-claming,avoid the phenomenon of claming the people and the object

    Structure Parameter:
    Material: SUS304 brushed stainless steel
    Top cover 2.0mm, whole body 1.5mm
    Swing arm: 12mm PC arm

    Technical Parameter:
    Passage Width: standard 550mm, max 1100mm
    Passing Speed: 30-45 personal/min
    Opening Speed: Adjustable, fastest 0.5s
    Working Temperature: -20℃+60℃
    Mean Cycles Between Failure:≥500 million times
    IP Rating: IP55(indoor and outdoor)

    Electric Parameter:
    Voltage: AC110/AC220 50-60Hz
    Operating Power:Single Core 30w, Dual core 60W
    Driving Motor:DC brushless motor
    Method of Position : motor driving
    Communication Interface: RS485
    Input Signal : Dry contact
    Number of Sensor: 8 groups

    Main field of application:
    Office and administrative buildings
    Ministries and public buildings
    Banks and financial institutions
    Industrial installations
    Residential areas
    Schools, colleges and universities