Speed Gate DRTD6628

Shenzhen Door is a factory making high-end pedestrian turnstiles.

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    Main features:
    1. Multi-color optional(Champagne gold + black, Grey + black, Red wine+ black)
    2.Using Highlight three colors(Blue green red) LED light design,beautiful appearance, elegant and eye-catching,guided access more safe and convenient.
    3.Mutiple working modes.Users can according to their needs,through the built-in LCD debug screen, set working mode,easy to operate
    4.Triple anti-claming feature. infrared anti-claming+mechanical anti-clamingh+current detection anti-claming,avoid the phenomenon of claming the people and the object.
    5. Industry Innovation with APP debugging.

    Structure Parameter:
    Material: Electroplating on stainless steel (thickness 1.5mm)
    Swing arm: 10mm Acrylic arm

    Technical Parameter:
    Passage Width: standard 550mm, max 1100mm
    Passing Speed: 30-50 personal/min
    Opening Speed: Adjustable, fastest 0.2s
    Working Temperature: -20℃+60℃
    Mean Cycles Between Failure:≥8 million times
    IP Rating: IP42

    Electric Parameter:
    Voltage: AC110/AC220 50-60Hz
    Operating Power: Single Core 100w, dual core 200w
    Driving Motor: Servo motor
    Method of Position : Servo system control
    Communication Interface: RS485
    Input Signal : Dry contact
    Number of Sensor: 8 groups

    Main field of application:
    Enterprise and institution
    Scenic venue
    Intelligent building
    intelligent park
    Intelligent community
    Public Transportation area
    Unmanned supermarket