Slim Speed Gate DRTD 6623

As a famous brand in China in the access control field, Door provides high-end slim speed gate turnstile for all customers

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    1. Intelligent Speed Gate Turnstile DRTD6623 is self-designed, developed, and produced intelligent channel management equipment by Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.
    2. The whole product structure adopts stainless steel laser cutting and CNC bending forming. Through using advanced processing technology and strict quality control, the product shape is simple and elegant.
    3. The product integrates various types of card readers, two-dimensional code, face recognition, etc., which can easily integrate ID card, IC card, biometric and other reading and writing devices, To meet the needs of the fire channel, a dedicated fire button is set in the system which interface to automatically open the gate in an emergency and organize personnel to evacuate.
    4. Full modernized design, fast pass speed.
    5. Slim machine structure, save the installation space.
    6. By using 6 pairs of military level high-performance infrared sensors and exact algorithms, it can accurately detect the pedestrian’s passing position to achieve the purposes such as anti-tailgating, anti-reverse passing and anti-clamping etc.
    7. Use the multiple anti-clamping designs to protect the personal safety of passengers in maximum limit.
    8. The widen lane is optional for carrying luggage and wheelchair access.
    9. Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface, RS485 interface, TCP/IP interface(optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers. 


    Structure Parameter
    Material: SUS304 brushed stainless steel,
    top cover 2.0mm, whole body 1.5mm
    Acrylic Arm
    Size: L1600*W160*H1030mm

    Technical Parameter
    Passage Width: standard 550mm, max 1100mm
    Passing Speed: 35-40 personal/min
    Opening Speed: Adjustable, fastest 0.3s
    Working Temperature: -25℃-+70℃
    Mean Cycles Between Failure: 5 million times
    IP Rating: IP42

    Electric Parameter

    Voltage: AC110V/AC220V ±10% 50-60Hz
    Operating Power: Single Core 100w, dual core 200W
    Driving Motor: Servor motor
    Method of position: Use the encoder to make sure the swing gate position
    Communication Interface: RS485, TCP/IP interface
    Input Signal: dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC 12V pulse signal with width of more than 100ms, driving current >10mA
    Number of Sensor: 6 groups