Full Height Turnstile DRTD6771-2

Established in Y2005, Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is a professional developer and manufacturer of intelligentized access control systems.Door supply: export@drzk.cn

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    1.Intelligent full-height Turnstile DRTD6771-2 is self-designed, developed, and produced intelligent channel management equipment by Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd.
    2. Compatible with several control devices IC, ID, magcard, bar code
    3. Unlocking is quick and reliable.
    4. Several working modes are optional, namely two-direction card reading for limiting flow capacities, or, one passage works while another is set to forbid passing, or, one passage normally operates while another is free to pass.
    5. Automatically reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasn't pass through the channel in the preset time after the opening. The passing time is adjustable.
    6. The center rotor will be set free (default) or locked (optional) automatically when the power is off.
    7. Emergency-escape function: the center rotor will be set free automatically by pressing the emergency button which can be remote controlled whether the power is on or off.
    8. Counting Function of the controller, LED figure display function (optional)
    9. Memory Function attached in the controller
    10. With standard input, output interface


    Structure Parameter

    Material: SUS304 brushed stainless steel,
    top cover 2.0mm, whole body 1.5mm
    Arm: Stainless steel
    Size: L2400*W1500*H2310mm

    Technical Parameter
    Passage Width:max 650mm
    Passing Speed: 30-35personal/min
    Working Temperature: -25℃-+70℃
    Mean Cycles Between Failure: 5 million times
    IP Rating: IP65

    Electric Parameter
    Voltage: AC110V/AC220V±10%  50-60Hz
    Driving Motor: DC Brushless motor
    Method of Position: Motor driving
    Communication interface:RS485
    Input/Output signal: dry contact